The Libman Group

The Libman Group devises strategies – from marketing to programming to brand creation in order to help our clients build larger and more loyal audiences. We develop programs that serve the needs of the communities while creating higher levels of commitment among staff, volunteers, and board members.

The Libman Group understands how to set and meet financial objectives. We guide our clients in operating successful annual and capital campaigns, analyzing funding sources, and turning volunteers and trustees into effective fundraisers. We help develop a compelling story and show our clients how to present it effectively.

Our insights smooth the transition for our clients to institutional maturity or help them transition successfully out of challenges. We help assign board tasks and responsibilities, respond to demands from funders for greater accountability, and design effective governance strategies that lead to closer engagement among trustees. We teach how to recruit and train trustees with a particular emphasis on embracing both the mission of the organization and the merits of fiduciary.

While strategic and operational management is largely invisible to audiences and donors, it’s vital to your survival. The Libman Group’s system for evaluating operations can help arts organizations attract and manage resources more effectively. And we set clear criteria for measuring success.